Andrew Toskin

My name is Andrew, and I make things on the web.

web design and web content

Cozy Notes. A note-taking web application for the open source personal cloud platform, Cozy. I contributed a major update, making the UI more responsive (and usable!) on mobile devices.

I've also helped copy-edit the developer documentation for Cozy, as well as the user manual for Darktable, an application for developing the “negatives” (RAW files) for digital photos.

Swiss Military Department Outdoor Adventure Gear. A web shop which featured airsoft and military surplus. I built the site using WordPress and WooCommerce. In addition to customizng CSS, installing plugins, and general sysadmin work, I also designed the banner/logo, and took all product photos.

Undergraduate Journal of Psychology at Berkeley. This is a student-run publication at UC Berkeley. I built the site with WordPress, customizing the CSS and rewriting some PHP blocks as needed. I was also one of the editors, so I worked with the original authors to improve accuracy and clarity.

Tools used: Atom, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Microsoft Office, SSH, WordPress.

graphic design

Vector graphics: I designed the logo for Blight, a graphical client built on top of the core Tox chat application. Per the Blight developer's request, the logo combines the original Tox logo with the logo for Racket. I also made a web comic called Doctor Lady Macbeth (warning: cartoon blood) .

Mixed media: a web comic, called Outage, and a portrait of Ayn Rand as a Ferengi.

Photography: product photos for Swiss Military Department, and creative portraits of my sister and my brother-in-law.

Simple 3D models: a cup, and a lantern.

Tools used: Blender, Darktable, GIMP, Inkscape, Krita, Nikon D700.

about me

I graduated with honors from UC Berkeley with a BA in English, in 2013.

In 2010, I won the Cal Alumni Association Leadership Award for my work in starting Autumn Letters, a small arts-and-letters magazine in San Diego. In 2013, I won the Berkeley Student Cooperative Alumni Association Scholarship.

I love web technologies and design, and obsessing over the details.